CMP Funding Application Form

Request a band or ensemble for a CMP event by completing this form and submitting it to your Councilperson.  You may complete, and print-out, the form online or, if you prefer, you may download a copy.  [Note:  PDF forms are best-viewed in Internet Explorer and Chrome.  PDF forms do not display correctly in Firefox.  Click this link for more information on viewing PDF documents in Firefox.]

Help me select and contact a band or ensemble

Participating bands and ensembles are marked “CMP Participant”.  After you select a band or ensemble, click on the following link to determine the cost, based on the number of musicians being requested and the duration of their performance (the number of musicians is listed alongside “CMP Participant”).  After determining the cost, enter that amount in the appropriate box in the Request for Musical Support.  If you need assistance filling out the Request for Musical Support, selecting a band or ensemble, or have any questions about the program, please contact us.

Which Councilperson do I contact?

Use this link to find the correct district number and councilperson for your area by entering your address on the web page where indicated.

How do I contact my Councilperson

This form lists the name and contact information for each Councilperson by District

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