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What is the Community Music Partnership?

The Community Music Partnership (CMP) was created in 1986 by then-Jefferson County Judge-Executive Harvey Sloane, then-Louisville Board of Aldermen President Mike Carrell, and then-Louisville Musicians’ Union President John Roy.  The intention was to create a convenient way for the city and county governments to enhance the quality of public and community events by providing live, professional musical entertainment.  Today, each Metro Council District maintains an annual budget for CMP events.

Who May Use the Program?

The CMP is available to Louisville Metro not-for-profit associations and organizations. Examples include, but not limited to, neighborhood and community associations.  All CMP events must be free-and-open-to-the-public, and not directly used for fundraising; although fundraising as a secondary part of an event is not expressly prohibited.  CMP funds may not be used in support of political or religious activities; public, private or parochial schools or daycares.  Additionally, Metro Government offices may, on occasion, use the CMP to enhance a public event being offered to their district or the entire community.

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