The sponsoring organization fills out a Request for Musical Support and sends it to the applicable Councilperson’s office at the address shown below, along with a letter of request, for Metro Council approval.  Note:  All requests for CMP-funded support must be approved by the Metro Council.  The Metro Councilperson’s office will inform the organization if their request can be accommodated. 

Mail to: [Applicable Councilperson]
Louisville Metro Council
601 W. Jefferson Street
Louisville, KY  40202

If approved, the Councilperson’s office will fax a copy to us, and we will process the paperwork and coordinate the musicians’ performance with the requesting organization and the Bandleader.  Note: While all this may appear to be complicated and time consuming, most requests are processed via fax and can be completed within a day and, in some cases, within hours upon receipt!

If you’re ready to begin, please click here to; find out which district you’re in – obtain the name of your Councilperson and their contact information – review the listing of bands and ensembles available to support CMP requests – obtain a copy of the Request for Musical Support, along with information to assist you in completing the form.

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