Being a member of the Louisville Musicians’ Union (Local 11-637) offers numerous benefits to include, use of a rehearsal facility, engagement contracts, band and ensemble referral lists (to connect members and groups with purchasers of musical services), a $1,000.00 Life Insurance policy, and legal defense for infringement of properly-filed engagement contracts.  Through the AFM, benefits include negotiated national recording contracts, a pension fund, assistance for traveling musicians encountering problems with purchasers on engagements, various insurance programs (including musical equipment insurance), and programs available from the AFL-CIO, which provide credit cards and loans.


Regular Membership – Annual dues are $150.00, which includes a $16.00 Life Insurance co-pay.  Dues may be paid in-full by 1 January each year or in bi-annual payments of $83.00 (includes $16.00 Life Insurance co-pay) and $67.00, which are due 1 January and 1 July, respectively.  The one-time initiation fee is $75.00 ($65.00 to the AFM and $10.00 to the Local). An applicant who is a member of another AFM Local pays only a one-time $10.00 initiation fee.

Student and Youth Memberships – Student memberships are available to full and part-time students of any age.  Youth memberships are available to musicians aged 20 and below.  Benefits of student and youth memberships:  Dues may be paid quarterly, local and national initiation fees are waived ($75.00 savings), and membership is activated immediately upon receipt of the first quarterly dues payment ($37.50).  Full membership will be awarded, without payment of any additional fees, upon the student member’s conclusion of studies and the youth member attaining the age of twenty-one, as applicable.

Band and Ensemble Memberships –  The initiation fees are waived if all members of a self-contained band or ensemble join, together, as a group. ($75 savings per band/ensemble member)


Complete the following online Application for Membership.  When complete, print a copy, sign and date the Membership Obligation and Work Dues Check-Off Authorization, and mail to Louisville Federation of Musicians (Local 11-637), 1436 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY  40204-1413, along with a check for dues and initiation fees, as applicable.  Please make checks payable to Louisville Federation of Musicians. Contact us if you have any questions or desire more information.

Local 11-637 cannot accept credit card payments, at this time, but those wishing to make payment via credit card may visit the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) website to join online or to learn more about member benefits and resources, including member insurance services, web hosting and CD sales.