Community Music Partnership

Your Group May Qualify for Free or Co-Sponsored Live Music


Metro Louisville government supports a program called the Community Music Partnership (CMP), jointly administered by the Metro Council and the Louisville Musicians’ Union.  Bands are provided to eligible organizations and groups at no-cost to perform at community events and venues such as, neighborhood block parties, senior centers, retirement communities, health fair screenings and traditional community festivals.  You may have seen our musicians and enjoyed their music at such events as, the Art in the Arbor, the Americana Festival, the Shawnee Library Derby Party and many others.  To inquire about the possibility of having free live music at your next event, contact your Metro Councilperson’s office.  Click here for more information.

Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF) sponsored performances.  For many years, we were also able to provide funding assistance for qualifying public performances through MPTF; a New-York-based organization.  Unfortunately, their resources were derived from sales of recorded music (tapes, CDs, albums, etc.) and, with the changeover to downloaded music, they have lost much of their funding.  There are still limited funds available through MPTF; however, the requesting procedures  have changed.  If your organization has received assistance in the past, please contact our office to see if your organization still qualifies for this program.